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The Spay Neuter Clinic of the Carolinas was amazing! We truly had a great experience with them. We took our puppy there to be neutered and they were wonderful with him. The surgery was very successful with an easy recovery and they provided me with all the help I needed to ensure I knew how to take care of him at home. I would recommend this clinic to anyone!!

Maribeth C.

Outstanding service. My puppy was spayed at this clinic. It was very easy to make the appointment and once we arrived everything was smooth, I was nervous about so many pets waiting in the front but they had a very quick any easy system to get the pets to the back. No overcharging for unnecessary procedures. I was advised that a service I thought was needed was not medically necessary and I was happy for the honesty. Pick up went just as smoothly, they showed care and concern for my puppy and explained everything I needed to do for after care. I highly recommend.
Janice J.

We got our sweet puppy neutered here and everything went great. He seemed well taken care of and the price was very reasonable. It felt weird not bringing him back for a post op check but they said unless there is anything concerning we don’t need to. Nonetheless he has healed very well and we are happy with the experience.
Rebeka G.

The staff were very kind, knowledgeable, and pros at their job. They were so excited to see Baloo and my questions for getting him neutered were answered tenfold. It was an affordable and friendly neighborhood clinic to go to! He’s still a bit punchy post op 😂
Jillian K.

I really appreciated Dr McDonald. She was very caring when I got some not so great news about my Sammie. She took a lot of time to explain things and up front about the costs. I was a bit emotional and she was extremely supportive and understanding. I appreciated the time she took with me and my Sammie. Lab results came back with some hard news too but together we have a plan to try a few things to see if it will help Sammie with his problems and give him a chance to get better. I’ve had a lot of questions about food changes and things but she’s always willing to answer my questions and calls me. Regardless how this turns out for him, I am grateful for her help, support and expertise.
Lenora B.

I brought my pup Josie for her spay and was surprised at the exceptional service I received. I would highly recommend this clinic. They were kind in answering all my questions and showed love to my baby. She’s also showing no complications which is due to the professional staff who performed the surgery. Thank you for the great service!
Hannah C.

As a rescue I have Been her many times. They greet you, are so friendly and get you checked in fast. Even with covid and dropping off. They have spayed, neutered and anything else a rescue needs they have done. They work hard and I love that the vets come out explain everything and answer all my questions. I usually Have requests that most vets would say no too, we don’t have time or we can see that many. They get my babies in everytime. I’m always so happy to see them cause I know they take good care of my babies. So thank you spay and neuter of the Carolinas. My little furry friends love you 😽

Randi H.