Pet Vaccines

Affordable Kitten & Puppy Shots and Yearly Vaccines

If you’ve made a pet a part of your family, vaccines – some of them required yearly – are just par for the course. These vital vaccinations protect your cat or dog from dangerous illnesses and extend their life expectancy.

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Rabies Vaccination

Rabies is a 100% fatal disease, and an animal with rabies can give the disease to humans. North Carolina law requires all dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies. If your dog or cat bites someone and is not up to date on his rabies vaccination, he will be quarantined by your vet or animal control for 10 days at your expense. Rabies vaccines can only be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Canine & Feline Distemper Vaccine

Vaccination is the best prevention for distemper and other serious diseases in both dogs and cats, so it’s very important for new puppies and kittens to receive distemper shots. These viral diseases cause a wide range of symptoms that can be life threatening and very costly to treat. Protect the life of your animals by making sure they receive the appropriate distemper vaccinations.

The Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine

A kennel cough vaccine is important for all dogs who go to the groomer, are boarded, or meet other dogs on a regular basis. This includes all kinds of social activity like normal walks and trips to the dog park. Kennel cough is a nagging bronchitis type infection that is highly contagious. Most boarding facilities and groomers will require this vaccine before they will accept your dog. It is typically given as drops in the nose – no shot required — once a year.

Vaccines2Feline Leukemia Vaccine

For cats who go outside, a Feline Leukemia (FELV) vaccination series can help prevent the Feline Leukemia virus. This virus can cause an AIDS-like infection in cats and can cause early death from immune suppression. It can’t be caught by humans, but it’s transmitted between cats by sharing water and food bowls, nose-to-nose contact, and from a mother cat to her kittens. This vaccine is given as a series of two shots 3-4 weeks apart initially, then once a year after that. We require your cat to have a negative FELV blood test before the vaccine is given, which we can do here on the day of surgery, and you will need to follow up with a booster vaccine in 3-4 weeks.

If your cat is older and has already been vaccinated for FELV, we can give a yearly booster vaccine (without testing) if you supply proof of vaccination each year from your veterinarian. Please note that the Feline Leukemia vaccination is not considered 100% effective, but aside from keeping your cat completely indoors, it is the best way to help prevent the disease.

Pet Vaccines & Annual Shots

*Physical Exam or Office Visit charges will apply

  • DH2PP (Distemper Canine): $28.34
  • DH2LPP (Distemper with Lepto): $35.82
  • DH2PP 3 Year: $52.00
  • Rabies 1 Year: $26.42
  • Rabies 3 Year: $42.50
  • Purevax 1 Year (Feline): $37.95
  • FVRCP (Feline Distemper): $27.42
  • Bordetella (Canine Kennel Cough): $30.23
  • Bordetella Oral: $35.17
  • FELV (Feline Leukemia) With a negative test: $36.17
  • (We also offer canine lyme, canine influenza and leptospirosis vaccines)

Testing Services

  • Feline Leukemia/Feline Aids/HW Test: $39.20
  • Canine Heartworm Test: $33.13
  • Canine 4DX Test: $62.49
  • Fecal: $29.10
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